Why it is too expensive to die right now

Sometimes, life might seem unbearable. If you ever think of dawning in the sea, just reach the waters, wash your face then walk back. The beauty of this universe is that it is given to humanity for free. However, it becomes expensive when one disturbs mind, body, soul and spirit. When you keep these big four elements at peace, any difficult situation will take care of itself as life goes on with abundant hopes.

Let us remind ourselves of the metaphorical narrative when two people looked at the same glass.

One perceived that it was half-full while the other saw it as half-empty. This depends on ones mind set. When situations get out of hand, one may think to be finished. On the other hand one turns the same situation to an opportunity and puts efforts to make it complete.

Simple shower, getting rained on, swimming in a pool will literary clean your body. You may not know how these waters cleanse your mind, soul and spirit too. It works! Take a reflection of getting to the ocean –then into those fresh or salty water. Try to imagine how nature sends tides and ocean waves to meet you. What a sound that welcomes you hearing? One will enjoy, the other may have the fear of the unknown.

Human body is connected to the universe in different and very special ways. Nuisance forces of evil will fool our weaker understanding to join them: If I may guess that they are in a different mysterious strange world that we know not about. You may be weak due to stress, depression, fatigue and anger all leading to mental illness.

The way you look at the situation, may make you feel that you cannot live anymore. Or you are in the right space. However, you are capable of shifting your thinking from negativity to positivity. By so doing, you will have embraced your room by making the universe a better home for the upcoming generations. Humanity must enjoy life and grow older. You should be able to see other generations.

Human mind is a battlefield of which when not well managed, can cause worse and permanent harm to the living body organs. It is ideal to empty your mind to create a space for brand new inspirations. For example when your car gets involved in an accident, let the insurance company take care of it as you enjoy a cup of coffee Рyes! smell the aroma. Do not frustrate you mind. Same to your body, when sick give it to the doctor and let the medical insurance  agency settle those bills as you relax your mind. This is as simple as Eat, Sleep, Beach and Repeat.

Walking in the park, garden, forest, bush or just taking a glimpse of sceneries, sun, moon, stars, skies, rainbow can be a good remedy for healing your mind. You will breath in natural fresh air from plants while in exchange, plants will take fresh air from you. It is absolutely free. I insist: It is free! Sometimes take a break from your normal routine lifestyle, go away for some holiday just to relax. Speak to someone who is willing to listen to you. Speaking out is also a healing remedy to the human mind. Withdrawal from life realities will escalate damage to the big four elements that support human existence.

You can now start dancing a body, mind, soul and spirit soothing tune right away!

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