Here are six facts on why I feel that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a requirement for your digital marketing; You and I can plan to leverage the growing internet traffic and your website to your monetize online time, energy and passion.

  • Push website up the search engine
  • Ranking the website on Google
  • It is a digital marketing journey
  • Enhance website traffic
  • Improve user experience
  •  Helps people find things they are searching for easily.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the quality of website traffic on major search engines engines search as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc in relation to keywords and and key phrases.

I do On-page SEO with the present content on the website, or generates blogs that contain keywords,  uniform resource locators (URL), internal links to pages, external links to other sites, distribution of keywords in the right places, distribution of the key phrases in the right places, titles, ads, images and videos.

I also do Off-page by links building, brand promotion and back links.

I can Help. Hire me!

  • Analyse  if your content is related to Google algorithm.
  • Speed of your website
  • Check the quality of your website and links
  • Check on how people engage with your website
  • How long to people stay on your website 
  • What action people perform
  • How much unique is your content

I can Help. Hire me!

  • Share the link of your website with me.
  • I will analyze then send you a quote.
  • My prices range between KSH. 4,000.00 to 12,000.00 per month.
  • Money Back Guarantee.
  • 7 Day Client Support. 

Contact Victor Isaacs on (+254) 722 711684, +254 732 341324