Online Collaboration

Online collaboration meaning:

Today’s world is a global village in regards to network connectivity. Online collaboration is an environment where people can interact with others to reach a common objective by using internet as a work space regardless of their geographical location. This

can be possible as long as members of the target audience have internet access. For online collaboration to be successful, participants need software online also called collaborative tools that allow people to work jointly over the internet.

Online collaboration tool, also known as Collaborative software is supported by Cloud computing and Mobile technology in order to operate smoothly.

Cloud computing meaning: Cloud computing is the use of a remote computer servers hosted on the internet by the internet service provider (ISP) company to store, process and manage data or information for an individual or an organization. When information and applications are stored and accessible from a central point, end-users can run applications, process data retrieve information from the comfort of their geographical locations.

Mobile technology meaning: Mobile technology is generally, a portable technology that is based on cellular devices or cell phones that utilizes cellular networks. It involves the use of personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and mobile cell phones with abilities to connect to the internet, share data and access information to escalate working perfectly fine with others from different geographical areas.

Benefits of Online Collaborative Tools

1. Global access: Once you have internet connection, you can meet remotely from anywhere on the planet.

2. Teamwork: Provide team members with the ability to learn, discuss, brainstorm, share ideas and resolve issues in an interactive environment.

3. Cost effectiveness: Online collaboration will eliminate use of time and financial expenses for team members to travel to common meeting location.

4. Conserves physical space: With many members, it becomes difficult and expensive to find enough space for a meeting, training or other events.

5. Easy progress tracking: Each member can make a tracking record from day one.

6. Ease of communication: Collaboration tools will allow members to be in the same virtual space which disregards alterations of task progress.

7. Improve performance: Actions are taken immediately and effectively in real-time project. This end up saving lives, time and escalate positive end results.

8. Centralized documentation: Online collaboration support storage of data and information (files, audio, videos) in one place making it easy for members to access without train.

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