I offer one-one-one tutorials at your location or at our office in Westlands and its surroundings, Nairobi, Kenya. If you come to me, it is best for you to bring your own computer, but if that is not possible, we have one here that you can use. I am good with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

I teach individuals and businesses how to make the most of their computers. With just a few tutorial sessions you can learn enough to make working with your computer more pleasurable and productive;

  • Organizing computer files
  • backing up computer files
  • Cleaning up desktop
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Work with documents and save them indifferent file formats including PDF.
  • Create and edit small-sized word processing documents that will be ready to share and distribute including APA format.
  • Insert tables, images, charts and drawn objects into documents to communicate information meaningfully.
  • Understand different presentation views and when to use them, choose different slide layouts and designs.
  • Apply animation and transition effects to presentations and check and correct presentation content before finally printing and giving presentations.
  • Understand web browsing and online security concepts.
  • Use the web browser and manage browser settings and bookmarks.
  • Understand key copyright and data protection issues.
  • Understand concepts of online communities, communications and e-mail.
    Send, receive e-mails, manage attachments and e-mail settings.
  • Organize, search e-mails and use calendars.
  • Enter formula, copy using fill handle in excel worksheets; format cells and ranges using text alignment.
  • Numeric formatting, boarders and shading and other features of MS-Excel.
  • View, move and delete print jobs from the print queue.
  • Set page layout, margins, headers and footers, and print title.
  • Create links so that you can use the same data in more than one document.
  • Create multiple worksheets and use absolute referencing.
  • Sort, summarize and present the data in the database, also using Pivot tables.
  • Understand the key concepts relating to online collaboration and cloud computing
  • Collaborate and interact using social networks, blogs, and wikis.
  • Schedule and host online meetings and use online learning environments.
  • Understand key mobile technology concepts and use features such as e-mail, applications and synchronization.

If you’re a more seasoned user, talk to me about the other things you’d like to learn at a tutorial. If you’re concerned about Web development, Networking and Security, i can teach you the basics of keeping safe online.

Email Victor about a one-on-one tutorial or call 0722711684