Love and Kindness Need No Translation

Non-living things, plants and animals are all connected in one way or the other. Whatever you do will affect the universe either directly or indirectly.

Think of buying a flower pot from your local pottery. Plant a flower then start watering them to bloom for the beauty and hopes. The water used is drawn to create a special space for more water to channel by gravitation or mechanically. A bee will enjoy the sweet viscous nectar from the same flower, then make up some honey to be sold. Out of the revenues, a trader will support the family with basic necessities including sanitation, education and healthcare. This is how you have touched one’s not known to you indirectly.

There is a need to save money for yourself and your family. This should never stop the realm norm to be kind to the needy and vulnerable. As you save you can as well donate to make someone in need (either known to you or not) happy and feel cared for. It does not mean you give a huge percentage of your saving. Maybe $3.00 if $5.00 makes you feel overwhelmed.  You may think that your donation will disintegrate your kitty. Nope! Trust me your donation will be a broadcasted testimony, and you will have created room for more to come in. Kindly give, wait, watch and see!

When we think that poverty problems cannot be solved because it is too big, we end up contradicting what the wise Desmond Tutu once said that “There is only one way to eat an elephant which is a bite at a time.” Desmond meant that everything in life that seems daunting, overwhelming, and even impossible can be solved by segmenting it and dealing with each segment step by step at a time. When we support a poor child access education, the child will more likely be an educated parent. An educated parent is most likely going to reproduce educated children—an channel goes on and on.

It is necessary to analyze a genuine system to channel in your charitable support. However, some donations do not reach the very people in need, instate the beneficiaries are already established individuals. Here, the poor will remain poor while the rich becomes rich. Many donors are silent and would love to remain unknown. However I would suggest to make follow-up so that to be sure of the impact the charities are making.  

Did you ever think that the government is responsible for the national poverty relief? Yap! The government sets longtime goals to mitigate poverty by job creation strategies, better education, and affordable healthcare among others. All these may take long time, whereas a vulnerable succumb to curable diseases like malaria because of ignorant neighbor. This is why we all need to support one another as we await for the governmental actions.

Some people wake up early and sleeps late after all day long work but still end up in poverty. Yes, they work hard and get exhausted. When we say people should solve their own poverty problems, this seems daunting as we think of giving a helping hand. A child wakes up early and attends all class lessons as required but still can’t perform. This is when we need to donate an advice and a solution to support identify areas like talents, gifts and hobbies for cultivation.

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