Let us look at HOLLYWOOD sign amidst COVID-19

One of the most recognizable images in the United States (US) is the “HOLLYWOOD” sign in Southern Califonia. People from all over the world come to “Tinsetown” to gaze at the cement footprints of stars and perhaps catch a glimpse of celebrities who might pass by.

Also, Hollywood pilgrimage Memorial Monument is a 32-foot cross lookout over the city. The cross was placed there in memory of Christine Wetherill Stevenson, a wealthy heirless who in 1920s established the Pilgrimage theatre (now the John Anson Ford Theatre) the site that was reserved and served for pilgrimage and dramas for Jesus Christ.

Yes! These duo icons showcase an interesting contrast. You can read about them, have a look, pay a visit or even just hear about them a dozen times. They may take long before they actually sink in. Covid-19 falls in the category. I will attempt to help you relate them to the global situation now.

Movies that are good and bad will come and go. Celebrities will live and die, the world will have the poor and the rich. Godly and ungodly. All the best look so temporal and vanity.

Authors with pens and notebooks are already taking notes for the mystery behind COVID-19 pandemic. When we overcome the fight against the virus, those who will survive should provide explanation to justify the history of Coronavirus articulately highlighting on;

  • Where did it come from
  • How did it come?
  • How long did it last?
  • How many lives did it steal?

Or—if it stays forever, will it transform the world by leveraging people to relevant socio-economic status?

Things are have taken a very different direction across the entire world. The world where;

  • Human can not greet human by hand
  • Fear of hugs and kisses
  • Fear to stay more close to one other
  • No human trust his or her hands
  • No worship and celebrations
  • Ban to travel among others

Unlike when each country could sing its own national anthem, or a political party reciting own slogan, the globe today is united by chanting a single slogan “Stay at Home!”

Let us live a life and know that life is too short. Death is a necessity. We all know this but then get shocked when someone we know passes on. We lived yesterday when church doors were open for everyone. They preached of confession and repentance. However they never told us that COVID-19 would come this soon. Today, we want to repent and confess but we can not access the church, pastors and priests. We are unable to get to bookshops and buy Bibles and Hymn books. The only amazing fact is that God is omnipresent and therefore can hear us from our homes. Let us pray….

Death can worry you very much when you lack wisdom to understand this fabulous fact, “Death is simply a transition of life from one phase to the other.” The only painful part is the process of dying. Here, the body may be subjected to extreme pain that you will never be able to explain again. The pain is caused by either illness or accident. The greatest pain is what dies inside you while you’re still alive and well. Let us keep calm as the scientist pray God for divine knowledge and wisdom.

On April 4th, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was by then an American civil rights leader was assassinated. That was a day before African-American crowd had gathered to hear his brother, Robert F. Kennedy speak. It was to their surprise when Kennedy had to calm them down in regards to the death of martin Luther King Jr. as he shared the tragic news.

Martin Luther King, Jr. funeral

Kennedy then shared a quoted variation of one ancient poem;

“Even in our sleep,

Pains which cannot forget,

Falls drop by drop upon the heart until,

In our own despair,

Against our will,

Comes wisdom through the awful grace of God….

_ by Aeschylus(526-456BC):

We can stay focused during these hard moments of COVID-19. We don’t have to be surrounded by lots of people. We do not have to be going to visit places. When we distance ourselves, it becomes a great strategy to win a battle against Coronavirus.

Corona Virus Image


  • Sanitize
  • Wash your hands
  • Use face masks responsibly
  • Keep social distance
  • Stay at home


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