How to maintain positive mental health in a challenging environment.

We have all experienced pain, hurt and trauma making life dull, subdued and heart breaking, through expeditious attack of unbearable situations. We have all been affected in some way directly or indirectly in a manner that eventually turbulent our mental health.

World Health Organization on mental health (WHO) puts it clear that Coronavirus (CoViD-19) is here to stay — the nuisance might not leave us soon. That is why Caroline and I have to share information that pertains hard times in life under an environment that you never anticipated. The best way to manage this situation is learning on how to live with the nuisance that you are unable to change.

Family breadwinners have no where to hide themselves from responsibilities due to:-

  • Shut down of businesses
  • Loss of jobs
  • Death and illnesses
  • Breaking of families and relationships
  • Salary cut
  • Unpaid compulsory leaves
  • Cumulative ill among other liabilities

These don’t mean that it is end of the world. Health organizations, psychologists and medical agencies across the world are professionally giving regulations on how to mitigate the spread of virus. They are also advising on how to remain mentally and psychologically well. The directives might look tough to us. However, their key objectives is to protect lives through giving hope and making earth a better home as it has been before.

Those taking this situation positively will survive. Those who freak will suffer from additional mental disorders. I asked Caroline on how people would take these hard times positively. Her answer was,

“When I was working on my computer then suddenly lost power connectivity, I switched to my home library to finish up on the research which I had left pending.”
If we want our mental situation to remain healthy with happiness and joy, we need to do something inspiring amidst bad situations. We must switch our mind to something right away without waiting for the next opportunity.

Substitiate a phrase that says ‘A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush‘ 

When people get separated due to unimaginable conditions, others may be getting united than ever before. Whenever there is a problem, you can create an opportunity. Out of COVID-19 outbreak, for example, others produced facemasks for sale, some did marketing of medical equipment while others gave donations. Others managed to learn from home. Some would set small office home office (SOHO) to work from home. Technocrats are on toes to set online systems for needy clients and many more.

Hey! some fox will come out of this situations with mental disorders, stress, depression, trauma, mental health stigma, emotional pains among other illnesses.

Coming together or staying separated will bring about psychological impact that need to be addressed in professional and amicable manner. This can be done by professional psychologists or we can as well train our minds to combat it. If we procrastinate, the feelings will give birth to negative patterns for distraction of our mental health.

Professional counselors are at sometimes busy. or expensive. I said “sometimes” When you miss them, you may end up in the other hands of a neurologist’s diagnosis – this means your situation got out of hand. It has happened to many. Today, and in fact from today, you will never be affected. The remedy is simple and FREE of which I am to share in this article.

Related destruction may spread to our relationships and destabilize marriages.
However many will go for wrong choices including self-sabotage, addiction, shifting blames, avoidance patterns, or lack of control in behaviors, suicide and general health damages that will kill today or tomorrow.

Remember everything you do has either a negative or positive impact instantly or in future. Therefore, there is a need to apply a systematic procedure in management of own mental stability. Picture that you are walking then you fell unexpectedly. I guess the first thing to do is to quickly look around just to confirm if anybody is watching you, then rise, wiped yourself and pretended that all is well even though it is blue.

In this process, you reconstruct a sense of wholeness – an assumption that nothing happened. You enlivened our senses and switch your mind to blossom because nobody saw you fall. It is because you allowed your mind get you back to the track. Once your mind is sorted, be sure that everything will work for you.

Self-healing must be applied which can transform pain to joy and reignite your hope to continue living. And above all support those around you by expecting nothing in return. An inner voice gives you a wake up call to which you listen to its instructions and execute whatever it asks to do. We fail in hard situations simply because we refuse to listen to what the inner voice tells us.

And if you are struggling with your situation, know that your neighbor is as well fighting even a worst battle and it is you who can help – – YES! I mean this is a global pandemic.


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