How To Embrace Bad News Amidst Coronavirus|COVID-19

Years ago, I worked for a boss to whom turned to be my great friend. That happened when I thought I was to terminate the ‘fear of unknown’ as a matter of fact. I knew I would only gain

work experience and monthly pay for personal economic development. It worked so perfect for me that I enjoyed friendship and learned a lot. I would even work much harder to maintain the trust and friendship. At some point, I delegated my assignments to spare space for our friendship.

My boss and I would go shopping together, party together, enjoyed wine and go to discover places. During those moments, I learned a lot especially on how to live in paradise and around a royal blood. At some point, I thought God was unfair to those who did not know how to open wine… considering the first miracle Jesus performed by changing water not just to wine but the best wine. He was a boss of few words, actually of one word but full of wisdom.

Beautiful Bird

One morning, I discovered a hummingbird feeder in his garden. They had decided that we have breakfast in the garden at the backyard of his house. I had not learned of his love of nature yet; sunrise and birds. I only knew his three pets. He fed birds and enjoyed watching them feed on the grains and drink the sugary water. Gardener was asked to strategically maintain a sanctuary where we could both watched birds feed, play and sing. I thought that was a delicate operation left best with the professionals.

Insectivore (Pesticide)

One day, we went for a four weeks trip of adventure of approximately 400 kilometers away. Unfortunately we all forgot to replenish the content for our little birds of the air. A week later, I was disturbed. I guess when his mind was at ease, it was my turn to unsettle the nest.  I mentioned to him that hummingbird feeder was completely empty because we were all out and therefore nobody could refill it. My master said,

“Neither you nor I feeds the birds, God does!” He reiterated, “Vic, what if Pterosaur winged lizard carnivore came and made our birds refuge his hunting reserve in our absence? — that should not deplete your happiness.”

I thought one bird’s misfortune could be another bird’s feast. I then took a quick reflection: imagination of miraculous pretty birds of the air, with majestic wings and classic beaks being consumed by a greedy carnivore. Some are decorative while the insectivore represented beautiful pesticides. The alarm was definitely on time with sweet melodies on each and every morning. Beauty of the nature. I then thought that such case should not deplete my happiness too. Poor birds must survive!

Pterosaur Winged Lizard (Carnivore)

Today, Covid-19 has put every planned event on a standstill. What if we take it positive? And think like it was planned for by God. We can embrace our spiritual believes of lifecycle and eternity to ease our minds. Our lives, investments and hopes seem vanity because of the invisible enemy that do not care of the wallet, color, age or influential status. This is a high time that we should understand the beauty of death.

Death is transition of life from phase one to phase two. The worrying part is what dies in you when you are still alive. Did you share your abundance with your neighbor? Did you empower people around you without expecting anything in return? Food for thought! It is not too late to feed the birds of the air.

“We shall be leaving the home in four months’ time when my contract terminate. A new tenant whom we know not about would take over the garden. He or she could choose not to be part of the birds’ family.” He added, “I will also leave you in this beautiful country to survive. Of course you will, because you survived even before you started working for me. That is life. It is good to be independent.”

As days turned to weeks, weeks to weekends and weekends to long weekends, I kept on learning on how to make lemonade when life gives lemons. At some time and point, the beauty of skies get shadowed into darkness but we can still see the moonlight and stars. And therefore, here are so twelve challenges you may encounter amidst these hard COVID-19 moments:

  • You are locked down in houses
  • You are locked down in cities or towns
  • You are put under quarantine unexpectedly for 14 days or more
  • Your close relative is quarantined
  • You have been diagnosed positive then quarantined
  • You are under intensive treatment for Coronavirus
  • A person you know dies of Covid-19
  • You have no food to eat or have no place to go for shopping
  • Someone dies of Covid-19 in your presence
  • You have developed a health complication during this Coronavirus moment
  • You are not able to settle your bills
  • Your business and your general economic status disintegrates

It is wise to know that you are not alone. Our brothers and sisters in China, Italy, Spain, USA and African countries have gone through this. Others are still going through it. Caroline and I have, through virtual meeting have decided to share with you the following inspirations;

  • Isolation and quarantine is seasonal and therefore, will come then go
  • Covid-19 is curable when the attack is mild.
  • There are high chances of getting healed and asked to go home to join the rest of the community.
  • If you obey the set preventive measure by states and World Health Organization (WHO), you are most likely going to survive
  • Being locked down is an indication of a considerate government for its citizens welfare.
  • Self-quarantine will provide great time to study and meditate upon your life during which one can work, read books, exercise, learn new things or refresh on what was learned before
  • If you are under treatment, be sure that you are in safe hands where doctors will be doing their best to manage your health condition.

Covid-19 is the world’s outstanding worry that would switch minds in doubt, confusion and panic. Once we switch our minds into the battlefield, our bodies end up reacting with depression, anger and self-condemnation which may lead to death. It is satanic to think negatively. When your mind gets into negative state, you may end up taking negative actions whose repercussions is destruction of your own body. The best remedy at such moments is to motivate your mind by doing what you love doing. Caroline said that she love reading motivational and religious book and I encourage her to embrace the same.

  • Keep social distance!
  • Sanitize!
  • Wash your hands!
  • Put on your face mask when visiting public place!
  • Stay at home!

Together we can win the battle against this nuisance invisible global enemy.

” I only knew his three pets. “

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