How Coronavirus Pandemic Will Switch Education System to eLearning | COVID-19

eLearning is a digital educational format based on an e-platform to support pupils/ students access interactive facets and materials including graphical presentations, notes, audios, videos and more by use of electronic devices like computers, smartphones, Televisions and Radios.

It is high time to make a choice. Don’t complain! Don’t even blame the ministry of education, or the government. Remember this is a global pandemic. Otherwise, you will get stuck in the past. In developed countries, the systems are already secured. Schools will be choosing these program. Never remain behind. We are here to support, raise and stand with you.

No part of the world is left free from Coronavirus also called COVID-2019 panic, fear, challenge, confusion and pain. This virus doesn’t care who you are, where you are from or what you do. In December 2019 – – it started in China, it has then hit Italy and now it feels even closer to you and I. It jealous in a way that it want to be with us alone – others must keep social distance. Hallo there, I mean quarantine!

In the same line, the schools are unexpectedly closed. Lock down? Children are with us at home – – neither their wish nor our wish. I am humbled on how this virus has made us think going digital in line with the studies of our children. Gathering is like embracing this contagious virus spread even more.

Caroline and I had a video call that lasted for 02:34:24 hours. We discussed on how we can serve, serve to safe the community. Now, let us talk about our thoughts on how we can work with educational institutions to instill knowledge into our children through online learning platform.

Here are Advantages of eLearning.

  • Cut down of pupils liabilities; uniforms, bags and transport.
  • Ability to access materials at any time and review
  • Will save much time
  • Work with teachers remotely
  • Parents can easily monitor what their children are studying
  • Organized meetings through Zoom or Skype for interactive session.
  • Expose students to technology at the early stage

School management, we know how exactly you feel; jealousy, envy, criticism, and judgment are refuges for the insecurity to the future generation. That is why Caroline and I are ready to in cooperate with you and make a step forward. We will create an online learning program over which all pupils and students will access uploaded resources (notes, audios, videos, memos and more), regardless of the geographical location.

Let us create learning guide literally schemes of work then upload them in pdf document files of which student can access, download, print and keep in their respective files or stick on wall for references. We have collected eLearning resources which we will be sharing for free sooner or later.

The website system for an academic institution is not just like any other website. It must put academic ethics into consideration for pupils and students and the great community. Picture a user friendly interface as key factor. There is a need for search engine optimization (SEO) that enhances traffic of which developers need to work hard to ensure that Google ranks it at the top. In this respect, users and prospects will be able to access resources more easily. The site must remain up all the time and updates made whenever needed to keep audience up to date. In this regard, Google guideline for SEO ethics must be strictly adhered to.

It is also good in practice to consider external links for related articles, educational organization, and publication centres like Longhorn, people, and uniform resource locators (URLs), contents and images with relative keywords. The user interface (UI) must be smooth with content that is useful, usable, desirable, find-able, valuable, creatable and accessible. Let us consider well and simple sentence structures for them to understand without much straining. This means that Caroline and I understand the type of content our audience need and therefore we are available to address your need in time.

Eight Qualities of a good website for a school

  1. Must be a mobile responsive site with capability to work on cell phones, tablets and desktops
  2. Search engine optimization capability to rank it to the top of Search engines like Google, MNS, Safari, Mozilla and more
  3. Must be browser consistency and fast in loading
  4. Must be easy to navigate from one page to another back and forth
  5. Must have preferred theme colors for the school uniforms and logo
  6. Must have abilities to support documents, images, photos and videos that are relevant to the objectives of the site
  7. Must have security measures for pages username and password credentials
  8. Content that is more inspirational to audience

You can support needy children of Kawangware HERE

Wash Hands!!!
Keep social distance

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