Dealing With Emotionally Unavailable Coronavirus Signal

It is common to think that a pandemic of an emotionally unavailable virus is within us. However, it may be possible for both affected and those who are fit to be cautious. All that needed are awareness and pro-activeness to successfully navigate the complexities of this type global attack.

When you learn how to prevent yourself, learn how to share the same knowledge with others – in a way that does not expose you to the danger. By doing this, you create an environment that allows others to become comfortable even when vulnerable. The more you share, the clearer it becomes whether you can win the battle together or if you cannot.

We can promise this and work hard towards fulfilling the promise. When we fulfill the promise of protecting a friend, relative, colleague and a family member, know that we are saving the world. When we break the transmission network, we receive love, light, and healing that is direct to our own souls ā€“ then we gain ability to truly trust in the world that we have inherited from generations of our children. Yes! We can bring about clear conscience at such panic, life and death moments.

When your friend, relative, colleague, neighbor or partner is unapproachable at such times when communication becomes risky, you should work hard more to find your way forward. Or due to cultural barrier you will have to drift onto alternative paths which may loosen your connections constraints and understanding. Basically initiate newfound signs, confidence and techniques – which can bring about healthy and emotional aid in favor of yourself and others.

According to the current medical consensus, Coronavirus (COVID-19) is more transmissible than any other viruses in the same family like SARS. It can attack anybody regardless of the age, race, religion or social status.

This virus is not airborne like chicken box and flue as many may think. Its transmission is through droplets emitted from one human to another channeled through mouth, nose and eyes.

Sometimes, when you see someone around you cough or sneeze, you see imaginable virus. There is fear to mingle and therefore quarantine and setting up a SOHO (Small Office Home Office) becomes a good practice. It looks simpler to be advised to put on face masks, use sanitizers, wash hands regularly, drink water and stay at home but it is complex.

Some of the symptoms of Coronavirus include; Cough, Sneezing and Fever which are like any other symptoms for airborne diseases. These symptoms may lead you through the inner process of self-doubt that can trigger other health related issues like ulcers, high blood pressure, stress and more.

Caroline and I have highlighted 10 thing that you can do when you stay at home as measures to prevent COVID-19 attack;

  • Work
  • Read books
  • Listen to music
  • Play games
  • Meditate
  • Listen to yourself
  • Cook and eat
  • Exercise to keep fit
  • Make art
  • Heal yourself

And as much as Coronavirus occupies over 85 per cent of our minds today (Remember mind is our greatest battleground), we must give sanitation first priority using product from SERIPLUS LTD.

What will happens when you miss sanitizers in the market at these hard times? surgical spirit that contains at least 70% of alcohol mixed with a few drops of Glycerin gel will serve a trick.

Keep Safe Always🙏🙏

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