How to write an ultimate literature narrative

Have you ever finished reading a story or watching a movie and said to yourself, “That seemed so real!”? Some of the best fiction stories are based on the struggles that real people experience. The stories in articles, ‘Stranger than Fiction’ _By John Macklin deal with real life issues. The event in your life can inspire you to write you own sort stories. You can explore on how to write own fiction stories through reading other writers articles. In a short story, writers explore an idea, event, or a feeling that’s important to them.

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Pizza on the Spot

“Bon appetite!” Just watched master chef Oscar at work. No Monkeys Business! ” He grabbed a slice of wheat flour bread, slapped it down, and flattened it with a rolling pin. Then he loaded up the small square with vegetable salad and tomato sauce, topped it with grated cheese, and popped it in his improvised charcoal burning oven. I caught on quickly and shouted to the host to start the party. And to the guests, “Please enjoy our famous Pizza On The Spot – Hot and fresh!”


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