Can We Make Them Breath Again?

You and I can, Let’s do it just now!


Came Covid-19, I shut down the program. I was caring 15 children from the slums of Kawangware Nairobi Kenya. (READ ABOUT THE CENTRE) I myself could not. I used to depend on my sole business and friends.

At least, these children could get a few lessons every day and their families could enjoy as simple support channeled to them from well wishers through my project. My friends got challenged. My business went down and I am unable to give support.

However, I look at us a conquerors amidst Covid-19 pandemic. I am still in contact with the pupils and volunteer staff.

The challenge is reopening the educational Centre come 5th, January 2021. I wish I should reopen. But! But– how?

  • Rent?
  • Stationary?
  • Facemasks?
  • Sanitizers?
  • Porridge?

This is why I appeal for your $5.00 or whatever you have to encouraging a young child for their special talents and gifts so that one day they can live independent lives and make this planet a better home for millions.