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Everyday has a brand new beginning. No imprisonment of ones own mind. For self-defeating stories — stories about what your life should be like, what should or should not have happened, and so on and so forth. Create space in your mind and Get started: Go outside. Look at the sky and the clouds. This is the space in which you really live. Breathe it in using your nostrils, and pause . Breath out through you mouth, and pause. Then look at your current situation again.


Don’t snatch my laptop. Create your own income.

In the great capital of Kenya: Nairobi central business district! Time check — at approximately 1830hours. The location was none other than Kenneth Matiba road, former Accra road. I had checked in from Luthuli Avenue. Downtown. My destination was the Gachie bus stop for public means of transport. The mind was fixed on a few …


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