Twenty Preventive Measures to Practice against Corona Virus

Today, with the Corona virus outbreak in Kenya– with the world travel in turmoil – we are all put on a danger signal. Surely it is hitting some of us harder, than others, yet every one of us is experiencing some level of pain and uncertainty right away.

The government will soon ban travel with pubic means without caring for those who cannot afford private means. Just like when it is announced that citizens should wash hands using sanitizer in a state where majority cannot access clean water and cannot afford a 60 ml sanitizer.

A lesson Caroline and I have been keeping at the top of mind is that we are all in this regardless of our social status. One who takes flight is banned and just like one who uses public means commonly called “Matatu” will be banned. This monster will not allow top and senior governmental and non-governmental officials to travel oversees for medical reasons. This is because countries that would handle their cases are suffering the same way.

It is a global challenge! No one is alone with Corona Virus pandemic. Regardless of our age, social economic, race, psychological and spiritual status, we are all in this pathetic and troubled situation.

Preventive measure for Corona virus related – are clearly highlighted as;

  1. Wash your hands using sanitizers
  2. Keep your mouth and throat wet
  3. Staying at home when sick
  4. Be informed
  5. Do enough stockpile for food, medicine and resources
  6. Drink water every 15 minutes
  7. Avoid shaking hands
  8. Avoid direct contact with people who are sneezing or coughing.
  9. Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw it in the trash
  10. Use face masks if you have symptoms of Covid-19 or you are a care-giver to a related patient.
  11. Pray
  12. Stop gatherings at schools, colleges, work and churches
  13. Do not use public transport
  14. Do not attend meetings, social gatherings, group events, or crowded places
  15. Ban visitors at your home
  16. Do not go shopping
  17. Avoid contact with people with chronic health problems.
  18. Check your symptoms if any.
  19. Don’t share towels.
  20. Breath deep in and relax

This is the hardest times ever. No please! Caroline and I have walked a path of pain and uncertainty many times since youthful, young adulthood and now adults to growing old. Just recently, we dealt with loss of a parent, rejection by very close relatives, financial turmoil, political instability, economical challenges, and diseases like high blood pressure, vitiligo and more. Tragedies strike in discriminatory and nobody is guaranteed safety.

We will, in this case provide ground for achieving renewed happiness and peace of mind even when Coronavirus strikes. Remember when HIV/AIDS was a deadly monster. Then came Ebola, leave alone cancer- I heard a cancer victim mention that could prefer HIV to Cancer. Here is Corona and is like better Cancer. Many year ago we had leprosy. And Corona strike Kenya when Kenyans are researching solve a locust paradox.

Call: (+254) 0732 341324 / +254722 711684

We got to Nairobi, the great capital of Kenya where we had an interview with the Founder and CEO of SERIPLUS LIMITED, Mr. Davis Samson to learn on how his Sanitizers product can give hope of life to many worried individuals. And this is what he said,

“Over five years, we provide products to entire continuum of care including homes, hospitals, physical office, public and private facilities in Nairobi and its outskirts. We looking have worked hard to place our products at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and soon we will put at the Wilson airport terminus”

“One can use our hand sanitizer gel and liquid with no rinsing, no towel and leaves no harmful residues. It has 69.5 % alcohol content”

Our products will help decrease and eliminate infectious agents on hands when water is not accessible. It eliminates/kills 99.9% germs causing illness”

“Helps stop bacterial contamination that may be caused by hands contact during patient care, food preparation or consumption.”

“It will also Removes diaper odor on hands, after changing a sticky odor diaper it’s difficult to get rid of that smell on your hands. Wash your hands thoroughly with water and then use had sanitizer to get rid of that odor smell.”

“It’s used to clean book cover and other object surfaces. There is a lot of hand contamination in the library or where one book is shared by more than one person. To reduce this and keep the books clean and germs free, squirt real clean hand sanitizer gel/liquid on your cover, take a paper towel/cotton wool and rub it thoroughly. This kills germs and leaves the books clean.”

“Our products can be placed in the semi-private rooms, private rooms, hospital entrances, nursing stations, kitchens, churches schools and of course homes.”

“Note that all germs are responsible for sickness but some are detrimental to our health and may even cause death.”

“Using hand sanitizer reduces microbial counts and kills many germs that could infect workers, employee and employer with the flue and other viruses.”

“We also understand that there are children homes which cannot afford to buy our products. We are already making arrangements on how to delivers our donations.”

Isaacs : +254732 341324

+254722 711684

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